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ForuMansion Official Rules

Here at ForuMansion, we have some rules for you to follow and a warning system. Obey all rules that are shown below, Be sure to read them.

ForuMansion Official Rules Cs-bl-3d-120x60

This means that all originally made images such as the ForuMansion banner, all of the ForuMansion icons (forum icons, post icons, new post/pm icons, etc.), ForuMansion avatars, ForuMansion signatures, and everything made for/by ForuMansion are officially copyrighted by ©Copyscape. Credit for the copyright images go to Nazar, TanMan, and Rex of ForuMansion.

On the Forum

  • Flood : You are not allowed to spam the forum with double / triple posts.

  • Off-Topic : When you go to a topic, don't start to talk about another topic or anything not relating to the theme of topic. If you want to talk about anything that is not relating to the topic you are on, create a different topic.

  • Double Topics : Before you create a topic, be sure to search if any other similar topic(s) already exist. If you created a topic that already exists, it will be trashed, and if it has about 5 replies, then it will be merged with the existing topic.

  • Bold and Color : Bold and color can be used in both the forum and the ChatBox. However, using bold and color for your whole post and all of your posts is not allowed as this is reserved for staff. The usage of bold and color for highlighting important points is acceptable.

  • Flaming : Flaming is not allowed here. You must take personal problems with other members to Private Messaging.

  • Advertising : We know, we are a promotion forum, but we don't allow advertising in normal topics and forums. You can advertise in advertisement forums only but you can post a link to your forum in your Initiation topic if you want. You're not allowed to advertise in Private or Visitor Messages.

  • Discrimination : This is similar to flaming, but is not aimed at a particular person or social group, but towards an entire race, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc. Discrimination is a serious offense and will lead you a warning.

  • Illegal Discussions : Quite simply, no discussion about illegal materials. No posting of pornographic images or linking to sites which have pornographic images on them. Asking for or offering illegal downloads is also not allowed.

  • Multiple Accounts : You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. If we see that you created a multiple account, it will be banned and you will receive a warning in your first account. But, if you have a fair reason to use a multiple account, PM administration, and we would consider.

  • Hacking : This includes hacking or threatening to hack the forums or administrative areas. This also includes hacking or threatening to hack other users over the forums. NEVER try to hack, we can recover easily. Hacking will result in all types of bans and we'll report you to higher sources and our host.

  • Bumping : This is basically posting to revive your topic up to the top of the forum. However, you may only bump if your topic has received no posts within a whole 24 hour separation since the last post made. If you bump before this time, then you could well receive a warning.

  • Persistently Improper Posting Topics : If you post a topic in the incorrect forum it will be moved by a member of staff. If you are constantly posting topics in the wrong area, you may be warned or infracted.

  • Trap Linking : You are not allowed to post links which may lead to a trap site such as "Rick Rolls" or any other site which may be considered as inappropriate.

  • Mini-Moderation ( Backseat Moderation ) : If you're not moderator or admin, then you're NOT allowed to moderate someone. If someone has broken the rules, please do NOT correct them. That is for a staff member to do. The correct way to handle it, is to report them.

  • 1337 or Lolcat Speak : You're not allowed to speak 1337 or lolcat language in the forum. A little bit of SMS is fine, but not all the time.

  • Plagiarism: Any work of art that you put in a post (photograph, drawing, etc.) must either be yours or you must refer it back to its creator. Any stolen claims to these items will be severely dealt with.

  • TinyUrl links: When posting, you may NOT post any links that are TinyUrl or any links to a website that shortens the characters of links. If you come across a TinyUrl link, please report the post to a Universal Moderator or Administrator; we will remove the link and PM the topic-creator asking that he/she must replace the link with the actual website link.

Interaction with other Members

  • Harassment : This includes all forms of harassment. Things like stalking a user, repeatedly asking for pictures, phone numbers, MSN addresses. Harassment can also include sending unwanted pictures via PM to a user, or dirty talking to a member when they are uncomfortable with it. Racial discrimination falls into this category as well.

  • Impersonation : Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not sign up with names that would make people think you were an administrator. Do not use other peoples accounts or let other people use your account.

  • Stealing Copyrights or Original Artwork : Do not steal other people's works and post them on this forum as your own. If you use something that someone else made, please give that person credit for it. Don't steal things from here either; we are Copyscape copyrighted, and you will get caught and reported.

  • Arguing with Staff : If you feel that a staff member has made an unfair decision, then please PM an administrator and we will discuss the matter from there. Please do NOT argue with a member of staff.

  • Begging : Begging for something makes you look very bad. Continuously saying "PLEASE PLEASE help me; I REALLY NEED HELP! PLEASE!" is considered begging, and we don't tolerate it. Saying "May someone please help me with my issue." is the correct way to handle things.

  • Disrespect : Do not show disrespect to staff or other members. This will most likely get you a warning. Remember to treat other people the way you want to be treated.

  • Spam PMing: Sending multiple Private Messages about a request or question to the same user can get you a warning if you do it continually.

Avatar and Signature Rules:

  • Keep content appropriate : All avatars, signatures and profile pictures must be within the rules of the site (no pornography etc).

  • Limits : If you have 3 massive images in your signature and no text you may be asked to remove one or more images because the signature is still too big.

  • Removal : Staff have the right to remove your avatar, display picture or signature if they think it is inappropriate. Most of the times, staff will ask you to change it first.


The Report System is there for you to use when a problem arises. When filling out a report, please specify which member had broken the rules and how he/she has done it. Please give an accurate account of what happened, the more information you provide, the better. To report, you press the report button which looks like: ForuMansion Official Rules Report13

Remember, the Report System is there for your benefit. Please do not abuse it by sending in fake or reports that needn't to be made such as having a topic that needs to be moved or locked; that is what the Private Messaging system is for. You will need to contact a staff member with eligable moderation powers to do this for you and NOT to send in a report.

Warning System

The Warning System consists of five stages. This section will explain to you the Warning System in depth.

ForuMansion Official Rules Warningbar1 This green bar indicates that your account has no warnings and you are a good member. This will look good on your applications and increases your chances of being a staff member.

ForuMansion Official Rules 25ksim10 This yellow bar indicates that there is a warning on your account. Having this kind of bar does not mean the end of the world. It will be refilled if you have learnt your lesson and that you continue to follow the rules after receiving the warning.

ForuMansion Official Rules Warningbar3 This orange bar indicates that you are on a heavy warning and you should be more careful in following the rules. This bar suggests that you've committed a bad offence.

ForuMansion Official Rules Warningbar5 This red bar indicates that you are on your last and serious warning. Any more offences from you and that will be a ban. At this point we suggest that you STRONGLY re-read the rules before using the forums.

ForuMansion Official Rules Warningbar6 This banned bar is pretty obvious. You've been banned from the forum for a string of offences or simply one serious offence.

Thanks for reading ForuMansion's rules and please follow them.

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ForuMansion Official Rules Fmub_a10
**Please contact me if you have any problems with our services or staff**
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