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1 Guidelines :: Your Opinion on January 21st 2012, 12:38 pm


Welcome to the 'Your Opinion' section of the forum. In this section, you are allowed to make a thread requesting for any of ForuMansion's members to comment on your website, give ratings, and even post member-made reviews of your forum/website.

» If you would like to request a site rating, then you are free to create your own thread for any comments, constructed criticism, and/or opinions from other members of ForuMansion. Keep in mind that when requesting, it's recommend to insert any needed information (such as the link to the site you are requesting ratings for, the maximum number that the ratings can achieve- ex #/100, etc.)
View here for an example of a Site Rating request.

» If you are going to request a site rating, make sure that the forum/website is yours, and that you're the founder or administrator of it.

» No 'good site' or 'cool forum, bro' posts in this section. Comments should be at least 10 words long. Ratings (such as posts like '6/10') are allowed only if you add an additional comment(s) alongside the rating.

» Do not rate a member's website based on what host they have chosen to use. People have different preferences, so there is no need to judge them on where they've decided to host their site.

To make site ratings more fun, we decided to double the Credits that you get per post and topic in this section. The more you post in this section, the more Credits you receive!

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