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1 Gudelines :: Debating on January 21st 2012, 12:43 pm


Debating Rules

  1. First thing's first, all debates must be constructed meaning that anything hurtful or abusive against someone's opinion is not tolerated here. All debates are opinions, not hurtful comments. So get this straight, if there is any content found as 'rude', 'hurtful', or 'racial' will be removed and that member could face a serious warning or even a possible banishment from the forum.

  2. In addition, debates are not focused on general issues in the forum. So, let's say that you get a warning for misbehaving in the forums and you decide to make a debate thread here in the Debate section relating to whether you shouldn't have the warning. That is not tolerated; the thread will be removed and that member would face an even more tragic punishment. Discuss disciplines via PM with the responsible staff member; don't rely on the members to break you out of your issues.

  3. The Debate section is not a home for your personal issues at home or for your relationship with that new boyfriend or girlfriend. Personal and general advice are dealt with via the General Discussion section, not the Debate section. The debate section is a section for political objectives, beliefs, and anything that can be unsolved by just a post of your opinion.

  4. Definition of the word Debate: A constructed, opinion-wise discussion (a constructed 'fight' in other words) of a certain topic by opposing another user.
    Don't make yourself look stupid by just posting 'Yeah, I agree with Bob.' Post something useful and senseful such as a larger paragraph complaining your opinion. Anything like 'I don't care... it doesn't matter' is not tolerated and will be removed from the debate thread. You would just be making yourself appeal as a gypsie.

  5. Please also do not make threads like "Skittles or M&Ms" in Debate section, they are not actually debates instead they are polls, if you want to make those threads, make them in General Discussion section and NOT in Debate section, Debates are things like "The Big Bang", "What do you think on Illegal Downloads", "Death Panelty" etc.. also please do NOT insult!! Post only if you make a POINT and just don't rapidly insult things, it will get you reminders or even warnings, Thank you!

We rely on you as members to keep this section clean. As this section should be potential and objective, you will get double your Credits for either making a topic or a reply. However, you will get nothing for a 1-sentence reply or a short 'I don't care...' reply. This is the section where we as staff have to focus on the members the most in moderation-wise.

Written by Rok
Updated by Xclipse

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