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1 Guidelines :: Contests on January 21st 2012, 12:45 pm


Hello everyone and welcome to the contests section of the Super Duper Forum! All user made contests will be found here. There is a variety of things that you can create contests for and it doesn't cost any credits! Although, there happen to be a few guidelines everybody must follow.
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User Made Contest Guidelines

  • Although you are allowed to make a contest topic without the consent of staff, your contest may not begin until a staff member replies with an approval staff to your topic.
  • Your contests may be of any variety. You can create 1v1, Riddles, Pictures, etc.

  • Your contest must be appropriate for all ages 10+. If it is not your contest will automatically be locked.
  • A prize is not necessary but it recommended for it will bring more attention to your topic.
  • You may not create contests that make users go anywhere away from the mansion, for example your own forum. If you wish to have a forum battle there is an appropriate section for that.
  • Your contest cannot simply be a poll. For example if you create a contest with two signatures and a poll on whos is better, your topic will be locked and denied.
  • You must have a set of rules and guidelines that is clear and understandable.



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