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1 Rules :: Proposals on January 21st 2012, 12:49 pm


The Graphic Proposals section is cordially for users that want to present their graphics (such as ranks, navigation bars, forum icons, banners, buttons, etc) for other users to view them, comment them, and / or 'snatch' the graphics for their forum(s). The Graphics Proposals section is also not for users to just 'show-off' their work that they made for personal use.
If a user proposes his / her graphics, he / she must realize that they are letting any member / guest on the forum view and take them for public use.

All graphics that are being proposed must be completed- which means that if you are proposing your Navigation Bar that you created for other users to use for their forum, you can't just have the whole Navigation Bar except the 'Home' button. You would have to have the complete Navigation Bar.

Graphic Proposals that are very nice and exquisite to Graphic Designers MAY get presented into the Graphic Gallery. For example- if you propose an extremely beautiful set of rank images that a Graphic Designer really loves, that Graphic Designer will accept it to the Gallery; if you propose a very poor-conditioned set of ranks, a Graphic Designer might think that they are not too great to even be in the Graphic Proposal, so it would probally even be moved into the official Recycle Bin.
The only graphic proposals that will can be accepted are in the following list :
• Full set of Navigation Buttons (complete Navigation Bar)
• Categories / Forum Buttons
• Forum Buttons such as New / Locked / Old / Hot / etc Topic Buttons
• Thread Buttons
• Complete set of Rank Images
• Banners / Avatars / Signatures without tags and addresses
• Any other structural images (likely backgrounds and skins)

Anything else that is incomplete / inprofessional / highly pixelated / tagged or addressed / personal will be garbaged!!!

Please accept these Rules to the full.

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2 Guidelines :: Proposals on January 21st 2012, 12:49 pm


What is this section for?

Previously, it was just a topic (you can find the topic in stickies here), now there is a whole forum for this. What you do here, is post your latest gfx work you have done, but this time, instead of a post, you can make your own topic! Therefore, this allows you to get more attention and comments. Enjoy!


1) Do not post steal stuff from others and post here.
2) ONLY your personal stuff which doesn't fit in other categories. Ranks and such goes to other subforums.
3) Mention whether others can use it or not.

That's all, enjoy!

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