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1 Guidelines :: Analysis on January 23rd 2012, 9:05 am



Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to request an Analysis for your forum, website or blog performed by the ForuMansion Analysis Team.  With our service teams’ aid, you will receive tips, suggestions, comments and feedback that you may use to improve your forum, website or blog.  Below you will find different package types that you may request along with prices and lengths of time between requests:

Article Analysis
This analysis is designed for those forums, websites and blogs that are fresh from the oven.  You may request this package before your project is open and up to two (2) weeks after it’s opening.  With this analysis, you will still get everything that you would get with the Bulletin or Magazine analysis; however, it will not be as detailed as the others.  You will gain basic tips, suggestions, comments and feedback that will consist of at least three (3) sentences per section.

  • Your forum must be open for less than 2 weeks
  • Total cost of 50 ForuMansion points
  • Requested weekly

Bulletin Analysis
When you’re looking to gain quick feedback about your forum, website or blog that has been open for more than two (2) weeks, you will want to request the Bulletin Analysis.  With this analysis, you’ll gain in-depth insight on a variety of different aspects of your project to potentially help it get jump started after a slow period or to gain new ideas.  You will receive at least one paragraph, or five (5) sentences, of information per analyzed section.

  • Your forum must have been open for more than 2 weeks
  • Total cost of 150 ForuMansion points
  • Requested bi-weekly (2 weeks)

Magazine Analysis
The Magazine Analysis is the analysis that provides the most in-depth look at your forum, website or blog.  The Analysis Team will look at different categories and assess you forum, website or blog to give you an objective opinion.  This will help to provide you with tips and suggestions that may aid you in making changes or improvements to your project.  With the Magazine Analysis, you will acquire approximately two paragraphs, or ten (10) sentences, per section of analysis.

  • Your forum must have been open for more than 1 month
  • Total cost of 250 ForuMansion points
  • Requested monthly

Remember that our Analysis Team puts a lot of thought and time into making your analysis as helpful as possible--depending on which Analysis you chose and how much backlog there is, it may take more time to complete your analysis.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

You may make a request with the following form:
[b]Your URL/b] http/....
[b]Your Position/b] (Founder, or Non-Founder)
[b]Type of Analysis/b] (Article, Bulletin, Magazine)
[b]Promotional Code/b]
[b]Other Details?/b] (areas you want focused on, avoided, etc.)

Thank you for considering the ForuMansion Team!  We hope that you request an Analysis soon!

ForuMansion Analysis Team

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