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1 Posting for cash[PayPal] on February 5th 2012, 2:26 pm


Beginning Poster
The Posting Menu :

10 Posts = 0.5 $ [Available]
50 Posts = 2 $ +Bonus 10 Posts free [Available]
100 Posts = 5 $ +Bonus 15 Posts free [Available]
200 Posts = 7 $ +Bonus 20 Posts free [Available]
500 Posts = 20 $ +Bonus 50 Posts free [Available]
1000 Posts = 50 $ +Bonus 200 Posts Free [Available]

1-If there are no topics to be post in i will make new topics so every forum even those with low activity can be and will be accepted.
2-From the 100 Posts package you need to pay me half of the money when i am half done.
3- No money back.
4- [In Queue] Means that I will do them after i finished the other posting or they didn't decide yet to start their package.
Contact me with your forum and posts you want me to post in it and I will start working right away.
My username will be always Shole. I will tell you my PayPal only over pm.
I will post the status of the task given here ( I will edit this post )
I don't charge before I have done my posts. If I cant do my post quota I stop at the amount i done and don't charge anything. Send me an email at

Done: 60/60 [Done] 60/60 [Done] 115/115 [Done] 120/120 [Done] 10/10 [Done] 60/60 [Done] [Not Paid] 60/60 [Done] 10/10 [Done]   60/60[Done] [Not Paid] 60/60[Done]

Working On: 31/60 0/60 22/60
In Queue
[In Queue]

Stopped/Rejected 90/220 [Stopped] 0/115 [Stopped] 244/355 [Stopped] 21/220 [Stopped] /220 [Stopped] 31/115 [Rejected] 187/335 [Stopped]

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2 Re: Posting for cash[PayPal] on February 5th 2012, 2:28 pm


You seem like a very hard worker! Nice work with this little business you've got going!

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