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I'd like to present you my simple web-site to create graphical boards for shared drawing. It doesn't require any registration.

Just create your own graphical board in a few easy steps.

1. Think up an original name for your board, for example, CAT.

2. Type the address of your board in your browser address bar:

3. Open your board. Congratulations - now you have a graphical board for drawing!

4. Send the link of your board to your friends, publish it on your blog, website, twitter, forum, etc.

5. You can insert the image of your board into your website using HTML tag: <img src="" >
CAT is the name of a file where the image of your board is kept.

6. Enjoy this simple and funny service Delighted

This is my board

And I can insert the image of my board directly to this forum using the option "Insert image":

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Seems like it'd be helpful to someone who isn't the best with graphics. Thanks for sharing! Delighted

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