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1 Otho a king to rule for life. on February 19th 2012, 4:35 am


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Otho a king to rule for life

Once not so long ago, there lived a king named Otho!
He had blue eyes, long nails, and made many lies.
He executes his adversaries one by one, all they die.
Except for one, Rulon the Bagon.
Heir to the throne, but not for long.
Guard pass and see, trying to find and kill Rulon the Bagon.
But he was a stealthy boy living under the castle bridge.
Trying to snatch some bread every day, so he can survive for the next day.
But one day, he moved away.
The guards saw him, and killed him in a cruel way.
Otho had no enemies anymore, because all were dead or on the run like before.
Now he was the only one left to survive, Otho could now rule for life.

Did you enjoy it? A simple funny poem without proper meaning. Smile

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