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Website Name: Cyber Snake
Website link:
Description: Why choose us? Because we can be bothered.

MSN Support - Chat With Us Today!

How many web hosting providers give up their free time and dedicate it to helping their customers?
Well there is something to think about, because that's exactly what we do! Whether you use MSN,
Yahoo, AOL, or any other Instant Messaging client, we will be there, waiting to answer questions.

Twitter Support - Tweet Cyber Snake

We make good use of the social networking site, Twitter. Why waste time sending e-mails?
Just Tweet us. We will then contact you! Don't waste your credit, simply ask us to call you back.
Or talk privately over Direct Message if you prefer. How many hosting providers offer this service?

Facebook Support - Contact Cyber Snake

How many people use Facebook? Millions, correct! Probably not long before we're talking billions.
More and more people join Facebook every day. You one of them? Great! Because we use it too.
You can post on our wall, use chat, or send a message. How many hosting providers offer that?

Live Chat Support - Talk to one of our live agents!

We have also recently introduced Live Chat support. A live chat float bar will appear on the left
hand side of our website, whenever an operator is available. If no operator is available you can
always try using MSN. MSN is pretty much the same as Live Chat, and we do offer MSN support.

Skype Support - Add to your Skype!

We now offer support over Skype. You can video call us at the above Skype address.
Or ask us to video call you if you prefer. How many hosting providers offer this service?

Apple iMessage Support - For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users!

Almost everyone...well ok, not quite everyone...owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch these days.
Some people have more than one. So we thought that we would offer iMessage support for those
customers who do have one of these devices. iMessaging is absolutely free and works in a similar
way to sending a text message. Please request our iMessage and MSN details in a Private Message.

The Foundation Stone

Cyber Snake was founded in February 2012 by Zack Roberts. Compelled by a burning ambition to make a success in the web hosting industry, he set out to break the boundaries not by joining in price wars, but by offering the best standards of customer service of any web hosting provider.

[INDENT=1]I am fed up of searching for a provider that can live up to my expected[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]standards! Is it really so much to ask? All I want is a place which offers[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]me support whenever I need it not when they can be bothered to give[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]it. I have to be honest with you though, my expectations are very high![/INDENT]

Really? Asking too much? Sadly for a lot of companies, it is. But not any longer as Zack has had enough! Apparently some companies even charge for priority support. We know, it makes you feel sick, right? We consider it a repulsive habit to make empty promises. After all there is a well known saying "actions speak louder than words!" Ever heard that one before?

Our Customer Charter

Our customer charter is what connects us together.
Whenever we make a promise to our customers we
stand by that promise. We work with our customers
very closely and we won't stop working until they are
satisfied. If we fail to meet a target we feel very bad
about it and we will set about resolving any issues
promptly and professionally. We will keep in close
contact with the customer during this time making
sure we update them on every step of the process.
When we fail to meet a satisfactory conclusion we
offer the customer a refund and a sincere apology.

Ask us to call you back or call us on 0845 475 9895

We offer a free call back service. How many web hosting providers offer that? Simply send us a message, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or over the phone, and we will call you back when
it's convenient for you. There is absolutely no charge for this service and it is available to all our customers, including our resellers.

Come as guests, but stay on as family.

Thank you for visiting this very special part of our website. This page is important to us because it reminds us just how important you are. What would we do without your custom? That is why we want to give you something back! It's just our way of saying thanks for being a great customer! If you have been a customer with us for six months or more then you will be eligible to claim 10% back on your spending every six months you stay with us. And after your first year with us you can look forward to receiving another year's worth of hosting absolutely free. There are many reasons why you may be reading this right now, maybe you found us on Google? But no matter. Be one with the family! Your predecessors have and will soon receive some amazing rewards. But what about you?

Use the promo code LENT 2012 to get your first month's hosting for just $0.01.
This promo code is valid for use with our Beginner Pack, Value Pack, and Premium Pack.
Promotion is valid when you pay monthly and is not valid for the 12 month plans. Excludes reseller plans.

NEW PROMOTION: Try our reseller hosting service and pay only ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) for the first month. 30 day money back guarantee applies so if you're not satisfied we will refund you.

Then choose a domain.
You can either register a new one with us.
Or you can opt to use a domain you already own.

Click to continue then enter the promo code RESELLERDEAL.

Promotion is valid when you pay monthly and is not valid for use against the 12 month plans.

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im liking you already Ecstatic

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Thanks. Feel free to buy hosting from use and use the coupon codes.

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