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1 Hiring Packagers on March 4th 2012, 10:29 pm


To keep ForuMansion fully operational we are required to have a well trained team in order to keep all of our services running. Each applicant will be required to participate in a short training period in order to ensure that they are committed to being a member of staff and to ready them to be on the ForuMansion Team.

At ForuMansion we provide four types of services: designing, interviews, analyses, and packages. Each service is equipped with a team and our Universal Team will aid not only helping with services, but also with keeping the forum a safe environment for all to enjoy.

The Package Team gives users forum or blog a boost, by adding a few extra posts or comments. They also:

  • Enforce FM rules and guidelines
  • Complete packages in a timely manner
  • Create interesting topics and post responses
  • Make topics/posts that are more than ten (10) words long
  • Do not lead on that you are doing a package on the forum you are working on
  • Do not post in any “Game” sections and count it toward a post or topic
  • Use proper spelling and grammar

If you feel as though you are capable of being a part of the ForuMansion Team, please fill out the application below and send it to Cody or LunarScoprio.

[*][b]Why are you applying for this position?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]How often do you visit ForuMansion?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]What do you have to offer ForuMansion?[/b]

Your Answer Here - This answer must be [i]at least[/i] 30 words long.

[*][b]Have you ever done this service before?  If “yes” provide us with [i]link(s)[/i] to your previous work.[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]How many requests will you be able to complete in a week?[/b]

Your Answer Here - Please be specific

[*][b]Why do you deserve to be staff?[/b]

Your Answer Here - This answer must be [i]at least[/i] 30 words long.

[*][b]Do you understand that if you fail to do your duties that you may be removed from staff without notice?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]Are you willing to be on as a Trial Team Member for an extended period of time?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[b]Additional Comments[/b]

Anything else you would like the staff to know may be placed here.

Mod. Color | FM Rules

**Please contact me if you have any problems with our services or staff**
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2 Re: Hiring Packagers on March 7th 2012, 10:12 pm

Cheshire Cat

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Good luck everyone. FM is one of the best forums to apply for a staff position at. It's even better than some of those active forums such as FP.

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