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1 Gaming Haven - Gaming Forum on March 7th 2012, 11:55 am


Site Name: Gaming Haven
Site Link: (Should be revieving our own domain name within the next 2-4 days Delighted )

Welcome To Gaming Haven

Gaming Haven is a new gaming forum that my friends and I have set up. It is currently still very much a WIP, but we are looking for people to sign up to see how much interest we can get. Please keep that in mind as you look about as it may possibly be changing.

We are looking to create a fun community, and get lots of people involved in online game games and tournaments. We are mainly focusing this forum on two sections: Tournaments and Reviews.


We plan to host many tournaments on many different consoles for our members to take part in. The tournaments will range from games like Fifa to CoD, Gears of War to Forza. We want everyone to join in and take part. We have also planned to hold an Xbox 360 tournament (PS3 ones to come later) every month where you can win free Microsoft Points! Once we have enough members, we will be looking to hold our first tournament. For more information see this thread here

Your Reviews

We are also looking for people to write reviews on the games that they have played. We are looking for good writers to join our team, and help our community find the right games. Once we have developed a front page, we will be putting your reviews on them. If you are interesting in becoming a writer for our forum, please take a look at this thread here

Please, take a look and sign up! Any feedback would be much appreciated

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