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1 Accountant Industry - Webmaster Network on April 22nd 2013, 7:40 pm


Most Recent Update: I have made a significant difference, not in the look, but I have added a currency system to the game. Now you can exchange your forum currency to buy things completely free of real money. We offer advertisements, domain names, and even actual money $1, $5, and $10 that you can exchange for, for just in game currency! The money can only be spent at SEOAccountant which is a webmaster/seo marketplace, but that is still $1, $5, and $10 you can spend to help improve your site.

I think this is a great addition, as it significantly helps out the webmasters, and active members of

Accountant Industry is a network of several sites geared to help webmasters in multiple ways. From Question and Answer site to help answer all your needs instantly for your site to a micro-shop geared to making people money by selling SEO services, or buying SEO services that you need. What ever the situation, we have it.

All sites are brand new, and throughout the next few months we will be doing a LOT of free giveaways. from cash prizes to your SEOAccountant account, to free facebook likes. These will only be available to registered members. Our top site we will be doing all give aways to is

Current sites:

Http:// - Accountant Industry is the static page for our accountant business. Here we will have a blog to post SEOUpdates, and helpful tips/tools, we will also have a link to every website we have on the home page. - If you have any questions on any form of webmaster situation, from needing help on how to buy domains, to how to use FTP anything you may have a question for, you ask it, and the community will try their best to help you. - SEOAccountant is the main site to the Accountant Industry. This is where you can buy, and sell Webmaster services such as site traffic, to graphic designs. - A new form of webmaster forums. With a member of the month hosted the first of every month, you can win things such as free money to SEOAccountant, a free .com domain, and much much more every month! We offer the best community we can, and helpful staff.

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