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1Promotion Clerk Empty Promotion Clerk on August 26th 2013, 12:00 pm


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Welcome everyone to a new promotion forum. I know what you are thinking "oh great another one it will be up for a month and than go down for ever" and i can tell you that we are not going down in a month as we paid for a year of hosting Wink . We will be different than other promotion forums, why? Because we want to create more possibilities for you to promote your site. We promote our site withe the  only purpose to get more members to see Your site!
This means that we will try to offer you as many things as possible for the lowest price (credits that are virtual value which you earn by posting in this forum) .

So some basic tips for the start, for each post you will earn 1 credit and for each thread 2 credits. For each member you got on this forum you will get 15 credits ! Thats right 15. But watch out we are looking for rule breakers and we will ban those who try to register on their own link.

Well enough said i will let you browse the forum and explore our great community.

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