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1earn 30$ a day with neobux  Empty earn 30$ a day with neobux on September 14th 2013, 10:13 pm

FREE, Guaranteed To Work, Free To
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Today you are going to
learn about an extremely profitable online business where you don’t spend a lot
of money, but

you can surely earn a
lot of money. What you need is patience and determination to make your dreams
come true. The story actually begins with Neobux, an extremely popular online
PTC website. Remember to read the entire article carefully if you are
really serious about earning money. I earn with Neobux for a long time.
Today I want to share my tricks with you. Hope, you will find it a really
valuable information.

jion neobux now

What is Neobux?

Neobux is a PTC
Website where you can earn money by viewing ads. Advertisers pay Neobux to show
their Ads to people like us. When we view this advertisements, Neobux pays as
we are actually helping them earn money. Generally, if you click on an
advertisement, you will be paid $0.01 per ad. It may not sound a lot of money.
But if you follow this guide you can easily earn more money with Neobux.

Statistically, most
people fail in PTC’s. Because they don’t have patience or you can say that they
don’t think about what can be a better to way to earn more money. In this
article, i will show you how to make $30 to $40 a day with Neobux. It may seem
simple, but this strategy actually requires some time and patience.

Please keep in mind
the following terms.

RR = rented referrals

DR = direct referrals

Remember, you are
going to earn money depending on your referrals. Where direct referrals is
quite difficult to get, renting referrals is not that difficult. In Neobux, you
can rent referrals to work for you. This is what actually earns you money. If
you don’t have some money to invest in the beginning, it might take some time (
3 to 5 months ) to build a big list of active referrals.

Doesn’t it sound great that you are earning more than $10 a day
and spending only 5 to 10 minutes a day to click on available advertisements
and remember, it’s real and absolutely genuine way to earn.
join neobux now

First Step : Start clicking ads everyday and don’t
miss a single one. This is crucial in the beginning as you are just starting
out and don’t have any referrals. Also, in this stage, you are trying to get
100 clicks so that you can start having DR’s. When you reach $0.60 in your
balance, it is time to rent your first referrals 3 referrals.

0.001 per ad x 5 ads a
day x 120 days = $0.60

Step Two : Once you have $0.60 in your balance,
rent the first 3 referrals. At this point, turn autopay on. This option is
available from the referrals list menu. Referrals cost 0.30 a month to
maintain. Instead of paying for the referral, they will pay themselves as long
as autopay is on. You get one penny less from each referral, but they will be
your referral as long as they are active. As a standard, you receive 0.005 per
click from each RR.

Referral clicks

0.005 per ad x 4 ads a
day x 3 referrals = $0.06 per day

Total earnings : $0.06 per day

Step Three : Keep renting referrals by increments of
3 once you have the money. You can rent bigger packages as you make more money.
RR Packages come in sizes of 3, 10, 20, 40, etc. Repeat this process until you
have 300 referrals. This will take a few months to accomplish, and this is
where most people flake out.
Referral clicks

0.005 per ad x 4 ads a
day x 300 referrals = $6 per day

Total earnings : $6 per day

Note: this example
assumes that all referrals are active daily. It is not an ideal world, and this
kind of scenario is highly unlikely. These numbers are for illustrative
purposes only. You will need more than 300 referrals to have 300 active

When you reach 300
referrals, stop buying referrals and just maintain the ones you already have.
Keep doing this until you have $90 in your balance, and you can use it to pay
for the Golden upgrade.

Step Four : Once you reach Golden, your referral
earnings will double. You will get 0.01 per referral click instead of 0.005.
Also, you will get 0.01 on personal clicks, instead of just 0.001!

Referral clicks

0.01 per ad x 4 ads a
day x 500 referrals = $20 per day

Personal clicks

0.01 per ad x 10 ads a
day = $0.10 per day

Total daily earnings :

20.00 + 0.10 = $20.10
per day

At this point, it may
be tempting to cash out. I don’t recommend to cash out until you have 2000
referrals. Save your money to rent RR’s until you have 2,000. At this point,
you should be making well over $30 to $40 a

Things to Remember.

Click your own
advertisements everyday and check how many of referrals are actively clicking
on Ads everyday. Recycle those referrals who do not click on ads for more than
7 days. If an active referrals suddenly stops clicking, do not always recycle
them. May be, that person has gone to any vacation. Wait for him to return. Be
patient and carefully follow the steps. After a few months when you will have a
long list of active referrals, you would start earning a good amount of money.
Remember to turn Autopay on to keep all your active referrals. This process
really works and there are a lot of people who are earning money in this way.
You will get more than what you invest to rent referrals. Do a calculation. You
will understand.

So this is how you can
really earn $30 to $40 everyday using Neobux. Think carefully. It takes only a
few minutes of work everyday. But after a few months of work, your earnings
will be huge.

Are you thinking if
neobux  will really pay you or not? Then search Alexa, you will see
that this is within 1000 most visited websites in the world. They have millions
of members, thousands of advertisers and thousands of positive feedbacks from
people. Do a search in Google image with a keyword “ Neobux Payment Proof “,
you will get such a lot of payments proofs. Do you need any more proof to
believe that Neobux is not a scam, but it is absolutely genuine and can be a
wonderful choice to earn money online.

If you did not know
about this site before, I would recommend to create a free account today and
start implementing the process, I have told you in this article

                                                                                                                                          join neobux now

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