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1 Japan Divided on February 15th 2012, 2:29 am

Rei Hino

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15th Century,feudal Japan - The country is in disarray, the might of the Shogunate is broken. The most influential clans strife for control of the country and the title of Shogun under the leadership of their Daimyos. Vast armies are assembled and clash on the fields, led by legendary generals to win more territory for the glory of the clan. The Samurai, the ancient warrior class of Japan and the de facto rulers of the country fight for the honor of their house or fall upon their sword.

Meanwhile, the peasants continue their backbreaking labor on the verdant fields of Japan. They are the biggest victims of the war, their crops stolen or destroyed by warring factions, they are often confronted with famine and banditry. No one takes time to think about the lowest and most defenseless class of the country - they are only remembered when the time has come for another draft of Ashigaru. Then, they are taken away from their families to lay down their lives for a cause that is not theirs.

Some of them - fed up with the poverty and famine - take to the shadows and enter the political game as assassins. These so-called ninjas sell their ninjatos to the highest bidder. They are feared throughout the lands for their skill knows no bounds and their ways are honorless and treacherous. Even the mighty Samurai are wary of the elusive ninjas - the wildest tales are whispered in the towns of Japan about the invincible killers that hide in the shadows.

The normal day-to-day life continues at the same time as battles are being fought all over the country. Geisha try to please their clients with music and art, merchants peddle their wares and try to establish lucrative trade contracts with the neighboring Asian countries while the Wakko pirates make their lives hell.

Times are bad and it seems like no one can unite Japan and put a stop to all the violence. More than ever, the people need heroes. Heroes, like you...

Japan Divided!

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2 Re: Japan Divided on February 15th 2012, 5:48 pm


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Sounds great! I love the design too. Excellent job! Best of luck.

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3 Re: Japan Divided on February 19th 2012, 1:23 am


Your forum has a very calm effect on it, from when you first get on it. Excellent job here, as this is very hard to achieve.

I'll be checking back to keep an eye on your progress. Nice work. Delighted

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