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1 Raw Package: ReviewForums.[Bob] on February 18th 2012, 1:02 am

Sir Chivas

Leading Administrator
Leading Administrator
Your URL:
Your Position: Founder
Type of Package: Raw Package
Promotional Code:
Other Details: Can you make an introduction.
Doesn't really matter were you post,

But can you at least try posting more in the OTHER & WORLD-WIDE Sections.


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2 Re: Raw Package: ReviewForums.[Bob] on February 18th 2012, 1:19 pm


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Your package request is currently in progress!
Hello. I am going to be completing your raw package under the username of Private Bob4. It will be completed by February 20th, 2012 and will contain 10 new posts and 5 new threads. So far, I have currently completed...

10 out of 10 new posts
5 out of 5 new threads

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3 Re: Raw Package: ReviewForums.[Bob] on February 22nd 2012, 1:39 am


Your package request has been successfully complete!
Congratulations. Your package request has been fully complete by Bob. Please take a moment to review our services here and let us know how we did. You may request this service again in 7 days. An administrator will now remove 30 amount of credits from your account. Thank you for requesting our packaging service.

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