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1 Movie Hotel [3/19/12] on March 10th 2012, 4:09 pm

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Website Name: Movie Hotel
Website Description: We are a new movie community providing users with movie chit-chat and actor & crew infomation. We also have information on Voice Actors, Composers & more. We are happy to expand to suit users. We have arcade, medals & other features suitable for our board. We have our own Academy Awards page with winner's listed and a link to the winner's trailer. Hugo & The Artist winning five Oscar's each have their own custom page. We have features such as galleries for first-look on The Hobbit, eight films we dislike, and looking to expand this section with other neat stuff. We keep users up to date with the latest movie news & gossip. Those who are looking for a new wallpaper can use our own custom made Movie Hotel wallpaper inside the Wallpapers section and those who have movie websites/forums can have their link added to our links page. We have a trailers section and looking to expand on that too but right now we have four trailers for upcoming films: Men in Black 3, The Hunger Games, Brave & Wrath of the Titans. Please note our trailers section is only a page for featured trailers. All other trailers can have a movie topic started inside the movie discussions forum area. We recommend you join as we are always going to expand with new stuff. This is a forum for movie fans old and new. Whether you only like a certain movie, or you like all of them we cater for all and again are willing to expand to suit user needs.
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