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1Analysis Team Accepting Applications Empty Analysis Team Accepting Applications on June 18th 2013, 10:54 am

Sir Chivas

Sir Chivas
Leading Administrator
Leading Administrator
Hello, we are looking for 1-2 new reviewers to join the Analysis team, here at ForuMansion. The Analyzers job is to:

  • Review members' forum, along with giving helpful tips and suggestions.
  • Complete said review in a timely manner

  • Have proper spelling and grammar
  • Wide range and good use of vocabulary
  • Participate on ForuMansion.

Interested? Or have any questions? Please PM the following application, or your question to Sir Chivas, Cody, or LunarScorpio. Please note that following your application, we may ask for you to review a specific site to see your ability.
Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, thank you.
[*][b]Why are you applying for this position?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]How often do you visit ForuMansion?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]Why do you deserve to be staff?; why should we hire you?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]Do you understand that if you fail to do your duties that you may be removed from staff?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]Are you willing to be on as a Trial Team Member for an extended period of time?[/b]

Your Answer Here
[*][b]Do you have any experience, or previous reviews you have completed that you would like to share?[/b]

Your Answer Here - and if you don't have any experience, don't be put off from applying. Everyone has to start somewhere.

[*][b]Additional Comments[/b]

Anything else you would like the staff to know may be placed here.

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