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1 Howdy. on September 23rd 2013, 4:27 pm


Well, I'm quite possibly the worst person in all of history at making introductions of myself, but I suppose I'll give this a shot and let everyone judge me.

I'm Thorin. That's my username, anyway. I have fairly typical interests - I like sports, reading, friendship, that sort of thing. I dabble in writing and graphics design. I'm no professional at either of them, by any means, but I like to pretend like I'm good even though I'm really not. I prefer deadpan humor if humor is relevant. I've been administrating forums for a few years now, and just launched one.

Well. Yeah. That's as far as I got into this before I ran out of things to say, so I'll end it here.

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2 Re: Howdy. on September 28th 2013, 10:19 am


Universal Team
Universal Team
Hi hi, welcome to FM! I hope you enjoy the stay here. Ecstatic

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