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What ranks can be achieved here on ForuMansion?
These ranks can be achieved:
0 Posts Yet to Post
1 Posts Newbie
5 Posts Beginning Poster
25 Posts Novice Poster
100 Posts Active Poster
500 Posts Continuous Promoter
1,000 Posts FM Addict
2,000 Posts Postaholic
3,000 Posts Postaholic - Lvl 2
5,000 Posts Freaking Posting Beast
10,000 Posts Heavenly Divine Poster

What achievements can be earned here on ForuMansion?
These achievements can be achieved:
ForuMansion FAQ Money10Donator - Has donated to ForuMansion, big or small.
ForuMansion FAQ Applic10Staff - Is currently employed at ForuMansion as a staff member.
ForuMansion FAQ Free-f10Retired - Served as a staff member at ForuMansion for atleast three months.
ForuMansion FAQ Light-10Thinker - Has made atleast five accepted suggestions, to improve ForuMansion.
ForuMansion FAQ Group10Connections - Has invited atleast five active friends to ForuMansion.
ForuMansion FAQ Freela10Helping Hand - Has completed at-least five services as a dedicated member.
ForuMansion FAQ Trophy10 Victorious - Has won at-least one site of the month contest.

How can I claim an achievement? Send a message to Cody.

Where can a reliable list of the staff be located? Here

What is FMC? ForuMansion Credits, our virtual currency of money.

What does it take to become a VIP? You must contribute at-least $7.00 USD to ForuMansion or become staff and retire after 3 months of dedicated service.

What all does a VIP get that a regular user doesn't?
Only VIPs get these features:

  • Color username
  • Colored post background
  • Special rank
  • 1 free service
  • 300 complimentary FMC

I want to advertise for ForuMansion. Can I have the code for the advertising topic template? Sure:
[b]ForuMansion - Advertise Your Forum![/b][/url][/center]

ForuMansion is an online forum where you are free to advertise your forum, blog or website of any kind! We do not charge for this service; however, we do offer services to help improve your websites using online currency that is earned on ForuMansion.

[center][b][url=http/]Give us a try today and start advertising for free! You've got nothing to lose![/url][/b][/center]

I want a ForuMansion userbar. Where can I find this?
Signature Bars:

Mod. Color | FM Rules
ForuMansion FAQ Fmub_a10
**Please contact me if you have any problems with our services or staff**
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