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1 Arcadeify - Gaming Website [$70] on February 21st 2012, 9:24 pm


This is not a website that I am jumping to the line to sell. I really enjoy being the owner of Arcadeify. Someone recently asked me for an estimate of how much to buy it for. I am going to say since it is a well established website with over 1,300 games: $70 USD isn't a bad price to list this type of website at.

If anyone is interested, this is for sale for $70 USD. It would include all of the files and the domain. I would get you the EEP code and you would then transfer it to your own or, just let me transfer it to another Hawk Host account for free. Delighted

I am considering to get more people to join it and advertise it more, in order for me to raise the price even more.

Thank you for anyone's interest!

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